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Preliminary Strategy Session

Includes 1 x 15 minute session


Thank you for your interest in Smartegrants.

Smartegrants offers a unique approach to building capacity and expertise for grant seeking organizations and grant professionals.

Is Smartegrants for you?

Smartegrants services target the following:

1) Grant Readiness: Do you want to give your grant seeking organization a competitive edge? Is your organization looking for a way to fast-track its Grant Readiness? Smartegrants can help you.

2) Careers Transition: Are you entering the Grant Profession as a new career? Are you just starting your first career or are your transitioning to their 3rd or 4th career? Smartegrants can help you.

3) Consultant/ Small Business: Are considering or have your recently started your own Grant Consulting firm? Smartegrants can help you.

4) Purpose Driven: Do you want to start or have started/lead a nonprofit or government program around a passion for making a difference? Do you want to build your organization's grant seeking capacity and strategy? SmartEGrants can help you.

We offer this 30-minute free session to get to know each other. We want to hear about you and your dreams.

We are looking forward to talking with you.

Warmest regards,

Your Smartegrants Team

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